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Can I open an account and let my friends use it?
Unfortunately not, it is forbidden by Service rules set by Sportarbs International Corp.
Can I start earning money right after buying the subscription?
Our service only informs you about arb situations - that is, provides information about where and when you should bet to get a profit. In order to place those bets you need to open an account at a bookmaker company and put money there. Only after that can you place bets and receive profit.
Which bookmaker companies have more arb situations than others?
This question does not have one answer. It's more like a lottery.
I would like to earn money risk-free, but I don't want to be bothered depositing money into a bookmaker's company accounts and spend time betting. What should I do?
We advise you invest your money into Sportarbs. It means you entrust your money to specialists of a very high level - it's a lot easier and safer!
Why SportArbs is different from Betlines?
Our service will provide you with information allowing you to place bets and get you risk-free profit. SportArbs will do everything for you, but you will share the profit.
What is more profitable: betting yourself or investing money into SportArbs?
Certainly investing into SportArbs - SportArbs has got tuned technology and employs specialists of a very high level.
Why do people need Betlines, if SportArbs is already available?
We make sure that SportArbs potential investors see that this business is 100% transparent and working.
Why do you promote SportArbs?
Both Betlines and SportArbs belong to Sportarbs International Corp, so it is not quite correct to put such a question. In any case, we do not promote SportArbs - we only offer you advice of the best choice for you.