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Want to earn money risk-free?

There are thousands of events happening throughout the world, and so numerous bookmaker companies offer you the chance to bet on various outcomes. You'll get your profit if you guess it right! Conversely, if you don't - you lose your money.

But wait!
Our service allows you to bet on every outcome of one event with guarantied profit!

How? It's easy. Every bookmaker company offers its own index for an outcome of one and the same event. Sometimes betting indexes differ so greatly that they cause arb situations (or simply arbs). In practice, an arb situation is putting several bets on all outcomes of one and the same event which is to bring guaranteed profit in whatever outcome! No risk at all!

To help you understand the scheme, let's take a simple arb situation for a football match between Teams A and B.

Profit Game Bookmaker1 1 Bookmaker2 2 Bookmaker3 X
2.97% Arsenal / Stoke Betsson 1.60 BetFair 8.80 BetBoo 4.30

You can use the calculator on the left to calculate index rates in every bookmaker company if you have USD 1,000. Click here to place the values.
We get the following:
We bet 643.54 USD on the win of Team A in one bookmaker company; we bet 117.01 USD on the win of Team B in the second bookmaker company; and we bet 239.46 USD on the draw game in the third bookmaker company.

After the match we should certainly have a win in one of the companies exceeding all originally invested sums in USD 30. See below:


As you have just seen, it is POSSIBLE to earn money without risk! Using only one simple example of arb situation we have earned USD 30 with no risk. It’s only USD 35 a month for 1,000 arb situations available 24/7/365.